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Marie-Flore Lindor-Latortue preferably Dr. Flore is the principal at Gade Tèt Ou, LLC a well-known marketing and advertising firm in the state of Florida since October 2007. Gade Tèt ou is also a professional consulting entity with services that include capacity building trainings, personal development, and business etiquette.

Dr. Flore loves coaching, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with local companies, statewide and abroad. Dr. Flore states that hosting, speaking is second nature as she uses this talent to inspire, motivate and elevate many.

Dr. Flore is the author of Gade Tèt Ou, this book is a shared philosophy to the world. As an author, Dr. Flore covers topics from her infancy, life in college, marriage, community, leadership, politics, maturity and death.

Dr. Flore ran for office and lost her race yet she shared the entire journey  in her second book: Overcoming – Sharing my Journey for running for office to inspire all generations who desire to explore the different faces of politics.

Dr. Flore also is a co-author of America Leading Ladies a book that profiles 50 powerful women who shared their stories, challenges and triumph among them main author like Pat Sampson and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Ruth Bader Ginsberg; both deceased.

Dr. Flore graduated with a doctorate degree in Higher Education and Leadership. She is a life-long educator, a professor for over 30 year and a public health expert.

She seats in different boards. Was the first Haitian-American woman appointed to the Florida Commission on the status of women. She received several accolades. What keep her awake is charity work with others with the Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership, mentoring youth, supporting seniors’ wellness, caring for immigrant families, bringing leaders together through the promotion of a community calendar and sustaining women program in the rural sector of Haiti.

Dr. Flore and Her Husband Roland Latortue are the proud parents of Luc-Phillipe and Raphael. She is a Radio and Tv personality and definitely loves dancing. She speaks Kreyol, French, Spanish and English.

Gade Tèt Ou:
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